• Amina - The G. Rum No.1
  • Evelin - The G.Vodka No.1
  • Alexa - The G. Whiskey No.1

Ladies and Gentlemen,

You may have already heard about us, but now you can observe and protest: “Damn, this crazy stuff is real!”

G.Spirits stands for excellent taste, gorgeous women, intricate design and a quality experience. By exemplifying these things, we believe that any bon vivante will appreciate and love our great liquors.

Every drop of G.Spirits has been poured over the breasts of a Top Model and is then directly bottled into a specific and personalized glass bottle. Each model has been on many covers of international men’s magazines. A few examples include: the beautiful Alexa Varga (Playmate of the year 2012 (HU), Playboy Jan 2013 (DE)), Shooting Star Amina Malakona (Covergirl: Playboy (HU), July Cybergirl 2013 on playboy.com) and the charming Evelin Aubert (Covergirl Playboy Dec 2010 (HU)). These are just a few that are representing G.Spirits Collection No.1.

The result of this combination is an exclusive purchase which has never been done before.








What began as a figment of imagination, has led to the reality. And now, we are thriving at high speed around the world. There has been no other liquor brand that has stimulated so much interest and gossip around the world. This is the way to the newsroom of G.Spirits.


Here you can find the Making of the video of the G.Spirits Collection No.1. Among other sexy pictures of the G models, we would like to give you a sneak peak to experience the film set with us. We will also introduce our liquors in more detail.